About us

Appartementhaus Wagnerstr.2

Verwaltung Heinrich A. B. Möller KG
PhG Dr. Johannes Nienhaus
Wagnerstr. 2-4
22081 Hamburg

Phone: 040/611 900-0
Fax: 040/611 900-20
E-mail: info@wagnerstr.de
Homepage: www.wagnerstr.de

Taxnumber: 71/511/01865
Department of finance: HH Barmbek-Uhlenhorst

Traderegister HRA 66293
Court: Hamburg
CEO: Personally liable partner of Dr. John Nienhaus


Data protection hint

Storage of access data files

Every order of access data files from this internet presentation will be storing.
Every file contains the following:
Personal data files

Within the internet presentation possibility exist to transfer us (H.A.B.Möller KG) exeptionaly personal files. "Personal files" are informations, which can be use to establish your identity. These informations are for example: your name, address, p.o. box address, phone no., e-mail address, etc.
With regard to your personal files we will inform you , that these personal files will be storage on the premiss, that it will be applicable with the legal data requirements, means to store or to confer these informations.
Besides these personal files will be handle in a confidential way all the time and will only be transmit with a separately agreement to a third person/ user.

We will particular emphasis, that the security of these "open" networks like the internet, can´t be ensure in a completly way in the state of technological development today.

We appreciate the fact that you have trust in us and promise to take care of your personal informations.
If there are any further questions you have, please write directly to:

Heinrich A. B. Möller KG
Wagnerstr. 2-4
22081 Hamburg

Wagnerstrasse 2-4
D-22081 Hamburg
Email:Info@wagnerstr.de Telefon +49 40 / 611 900-0
Fax +49 40 / 611 900-20